Coaching and Mentoring

Utilising our qualified practitioners and associates, Fare Solutions offers a range of coaching and mentoring services, either to corporate clients or when engaged specifically by an individual.

Coaching is about helping the individual to identify their own solutions. Mentoring involves the passing on of experience, knowledge and sometimes networked contacts.



Life coaching – takes place away from work, focuses on the longer term and is usually based on developing personal goals and achieving life based aspirations.

In reality the boundaries are not always crystal clear, personal issues can obviously affect work performance and result in the need for a broader approach


Whilst coaching is competence related it is always focused on helping to ascertain underlying issues and then assisting the client to identify the most appropriate solution to a specific task or problem.

Having someone working with you side by side, can be a very effective means to establish what needs to be focused on and then to develop a personal strategy for change.

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