Coaching and Mentoring

Utilising our qualified practitioners and associates, Fare Solutions offers a range of coaching and mentoring services, either to corporate clients or when engaged specifically by an individual.

Coaching is about helping the individual to identify their own solutions. Mentoring involves the passing on of experience, knowledge and sometimes networked contacts.



A successful coaching and mentoring programme can only be achieved if the individuals training needs have been properly evaluated by their line manager and that Coaching or Mentoring have been identified as the most appropriate support provision.

A thorough review process will dictate what support is required, during which it will be identified if the need is competency or skills related.


The learner must also understand the reason for the training being identified and how this fits into the business objectives that form part of the individuals overall performance goals.

The Coaching or mentoring programme or any proposed training will be followed by an evaluation to ensure that training has been properly beneficial to both the learner and the organisation.

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