All consultancy work is tailored to the needs of the individual business. We believe that getting an in depth understanding of the unique requirements of each business is the only way we can deliver bespoke, measurable and lasting improvements.

Interim Management

As a consequence of the Director level experience and interim roles already undertaken by the consultancy principal and regularly utilised associates, a broad level of management competence facilitates access to a wide range of interim roles. The advantages for a client in hiring an interim, is that they are:

  • Cost effective
  • Offer a fresh perspective
  • Often readily available
  • Experienced

Business Development

Fare Solutions can provide support to companies as they tackle the day-to-day business challenges associated with improved performance, growth and development. The delivery portfolio includes the following specialist services:

  • Business benchmarking
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing Reviews

Project Management

Whether you need advice and help to set up a project or need a team to come in and fully manage a project alongside you, we would be mote than pleased to help.

Project Support

A well run project, achieved through strong project management involves planning, communications, handling budgets and keeping a balance between the key parameters of time, cost and quality.

Key benefits of using an external project manager?

The project manager can be viewed as a way of balancing responsibility for time, cost and quality. A Fare Solutions project manager will:

  • Comprehensively plan all key elements that relate to the project
  • Effectively control quality, costs, and efficiency
  • Manage the project whilst also gaining the trust and support of colleagues
  • Properly engage the project team in the decision making process, boosting both productivity and trust
  • Logically structure tasks in the correct order
  • Solve problems and plan contingencies
  • Maintain a clear focus on results.

We are able to provide capable project managers, who can either carry out specific tasks within a project or be responsible for the project as a whole. Please either call or enquire via our website to ascertain people and skillset availability.

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