Supply Chain Development

Global food systems are a complex web of production, processing, manufacturing logistics and retail. Unless each link in the chain is profitable enough to provide mid-term security and asset investment, its long term sustainability has to be in question.

Sustainability of supply needs to be a key driver in each country at every level.

Fare Solutions have been involved with food supply chain development for the past 8 years, having founded, identified partners and then implemented the highly successful Farexchange programme across the North of England.

Creating new collaborative supply chains

With the expertise available to Fare Solutions and our previous experience of engaging with the retail, food manufacturing and farming sectors it would be possible working with us to develop new collaborative supply chains that collectively deliver great value for money.

Working within the food industry supply chain we are able to:

  • Disseminate previous successes to food businesses and facilitate the development of new collaborative initiatives
  • Work with these chains to improve competitiveness , encourage investment and create sustainable business growth


  • Reduce overall risk by improving connections and improving entire supply chain resilience
  • Create transactional mechanisms that reduce volatility and associated risk for all parties
  • Give a fair return to all producers, enabling them to capture efficiency gains and improve profitability going forward

Our aim is to facilitate the development of new markets, added value opportunities and business growth that result in a sensible return for all parties

The partnerships developed will promote future investment and de-risk longer term forward planning for all links within the chain.

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