Supply Chain Development

Global food systems are a complex web of production, processing, manufacturing logistics and retail. Unless each link in the chain is profitable enough to provide mid-term security and asset investment, its long term sustainability has to be in question.

Sustainability of supply needs to be a key driver in each country at every level.

Fare Solutions have been involved with food supply chain development for the past 8 years, having founded, identified partners and then implemented the highly successful Farexchange programme across the North of England.

Developing efficiency gains

In today’s business environment maximising resource is an absolute necessity if you are planning to compete effectively.

Ensuring that energy use is minimised, raw material yields are maximised and that finished product is consistently produced, right first time gives food producers the sound foundation they need to grow and be profitable.

Collaborating across the supply chain, sharing resources and being innovative creates winning positions for everybody involved in the process.


Fare Solutions have experience in identifying where opportunities exist to identify improvements from a procurement and manufacturing perspective.

Improving the value stream as a whole enables collaborative supply chains to stand out and be an obvious first choice when contracts are being let.

It is estimated that by 2050 the worlds population will exceed 9.1 billion. The longer term goal if we are to feed this ever growing global population is to be much more efficient, generating less waste whilst at the same time producing more product from less resource.

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