Supply Chain Development

Global food systems are a complex web of production, processing, manufacturing logistics and retail. Unless each link in the chain is profitable enough to provide mid-term security and asset investment, its long term sustainability has to be in question.

Sustainability of supply needs to be a key driver in each country at every level.

Fare Solutions have been involved with food supply chain development for the past 8 years, having founded, identified partners and then implemented the highly successful Farexchange programme across the North of England.


Supply chains require external mentoring to nurture effective collaboration in the early stages.

There are significant opportunities to grow the scale of these collaborations with clear benefits back to suppliers with appropriate and timely business support.

Working with the newly created collaborative chains Fare Solutions can help to:

  • Grow the scale and scope of the collaborative activity and the benefits gained throughout the chain
  • Develop Supply Chain Partnerships with common goals, transparent transactions and regular communication,
  • Build trust across the partnership that leads to stronger more resilient relationship in the longer term
  •  Improve total supply chain efficiency by closer meeting customer needs, improved consistency, reduce waste and lower Carbon footprint
  • Develop mechanisms to measure performance and a framework to share efficiency gains
  • Use “ Bridging the Gap” approach to identify issues and work as a supply chain to resolve them
  • Facilitate closer alignment of collaborative businesses and create joint ventures or joint investment to grow business together. This process creates a virtuous circle leading to performance and efficiency gains and improved profitability for all businesses.
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